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Our products combine surprising innovations, practical features and refreshing design. Renowned international designers as well as promising newcomers support us with their creativity. In the production of TROIKA products, we focus on sustainability and take responsibility for quality, safety and the environment.

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  1. Competent & experienced

    For more than 25 years we’ve focused on men, gifts, and how they fit together. We offer outstanding knowledge and experience in all that interests the man in business and at home. His wishes, preferences and peculiarities. The result is a fresh and timely product portfolio that inspires modern men and now women, too.
  2. Likeable & emotional

    We want men to feel understood and confirmed in their roles. TROIKA gifts produce such feelings. And TROIKA as a brand is experienced emotionally, humanly and with authenticity. From inspiring products in the shop to our empathetic approach to communication.
  3. Innovative & trend-setting

    We believe that good ideas need innovative development. Products and concepts from TROIKA are new, fresh and often pioneers in their segment. They reflect the spirit that modern men and women like to identify with. As a brand, TROIKA offers a wide range that sets standards for the industry and the end customer.
  4. Young and unconventional

    We are young and are constantly breaking new ground. We like to remain on the cutting edge and keep our finger on the pulse of latest trends in our industry. Up to ten apprentices also constantly provide fresh input for new products and services.

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